yoel inbar
Yoel Inbar Photo courtesy of Geoff MacDonald Department of Psychology
University of Toronto
1265 Military Trail
Toronto, Ontario M1C 1A4, Canada

yoel.inbar at utoronto.ca

(617) 910-0449


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About Me

I'm an associate professor of psychology at the University of Toronto.

I study how intuitions and emotions—particularly disgust—affect our social, political, and moral beliefs. My earliest work was on how differences in the experience of disgust relate to social and political attitudes. Since then, I have studied the varied ways in which moral intuitions guide beliefs and judgments, especially in social and political domains. Most recently, I have become interested in understanding the acceptance or rejection of new technologies, such as genetic engineering.

Recent Papers

Evers, E. R. K., Inbar, Y., Blanken, I., & Oosterwijk, L. D. (2017). When do people prefer carrots to sticks? A robust "matching effect" in policy evaluation. Management Science, 63, 4261-4276. PDFPDF

Inbar, Y. (2016). Association between contextual dependence and replicability in psychology may be spurious. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. PDFPDF

Scott, S. E., Inbar, Y., & Rozin, P. (2016). Evidence for absolute moral opposition to genetically modified food in the United States. Perspectives on Psychological Science, 11, 315-324. PDFPDF